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About Amna Saeed-Kothe

Personal - I am a biochemist by training, a wife and a mom to 2 awesome kiddos and 1 adopted dog. In my free time, I enjoy volunteering at a local dog rescue organization helping my 4 legged friends find their forever homes! Prior to starting my career in real estate, I earned a Ph.D. in Biology from Northeastern University, post-doc'd in biotech & worked for many years as a research scientist in the Kendall Square area as well as in Waltham. Fun Fact - I visited Antarctica twice during the time I was a grad student and spent several weeks at sea and in the research labs at Palmer Station working on ice fishes.

Professional - On a very simplistic level, the job of any real estate professional is to be able to match up the right home buyer and home seller. In the real world, this is not as easy as it may sound. My clients have often said that I went above and beyond to ensure that their needs were met, and this is a fact I am tremendously proud of. For my Buyer Clients, this may mean that I need to door knock your favorite neighborhood to find you a home there when none is listed or find ways to structure your offer such that it puts you front & center in a multiple offer situation, I will do what it takes to get you into your new home. My Seller Clients have peace of mind knowing that when they hire me to sell, what is often one of their most valuable financial and sentimental possessions, they have a dedicated expert who will get them to their goal in the least amount of time, with the least amount of hassle and at the highest net value. The successful sale of a home requires hard work, knowledge of local market trends, networking & up-to-date marketing skills, a long checklist of forms, contracts, negotiations and people management skills. Whether you are selling or buying a home, you will always have my undivided attention, my fullest efforts on your behalf and you will have a loyal partner who is available to discuss any aspect of the process with you to make sure that the decisions being made are in your best interest.

Experience – Over the past 20+ years, I have lived in several communities in the Greater Boston area including Boston, East Boston, Somerville, Medford and West Roxbury to mention a few. Consequently, I have a good sense for the different flavors and nuances of many neighborhoods in the city and it’s surrounding towns. For example, I am currently working with several clients looking for homes in Waltham, Cambridge/Somerville, and the Metrowest regions. I work in Middlesex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Bristol and Worcester counties. I rack up a lot of miles, but I love working with all my home buyers and sellers whether they be looking for their first ever home, getting ready to up- or down-size or be in search of good investment opportunities. It is an honor for me to bring each and every one of them home.

Communication – I very strongly believe that good communication is the foundation of a good relationship and it is a rule I try to live by in my personal and professional lives. I have been described as a clear, upfront and pragmatic communicator. I will be in touch with you as much (or as little) as you want and need me to be. You will always have direct access to me via my cell phone. I may not always be able to take a call, but I will certainly call, text or e-mail at the earliest opportunity. Your question or concern will always be addressed and you will always have a response from me in a timely manner.